About Us

Al and Ed’s focus is not just on the traditional head units, amps, speakers and alarms, but more cutting edge mobile electronics products such as GPS/Navigation, Satellite Radio, HD radio, iPod and MP3 integration, Bluetooth hands free kits, mobile video, OEM integration vehicle tracking and in-car computing. Al & Ed’s Autosound is viewed as a barometer for the mobile electronics industry. If there is a new Mobile Electronics technology or product Al and Ed’s probably has it!

Since 1954, Al and Ed’s has preformed well over 2 million installations. With a heritage like that in the installation market, Al and Ed’s prides itself on having highly trained, experienced sales consultants, Franchise owners and installation technicians. This allows Al and Ed’s to specialize in the types of difficult OEM integrations, semi custom and custom installations that most big box and regional retailers cannot or will not even attempt.